Gay Santa Fe

The Gay Community in Santa Fe

It has been said about Santa Fe that “our streets are narrow, but our minds are not” and we couldn’t agree more. People always ask; where are the gay neighborhoods or the gay bars in Santa Fe?  A true melting pot, Santa Fe effortlessly blends the Anglo, Native American, International and Hispanic cultures, while embracing its diversity, it is equally inclusive of its LGBT community.

There are a number of questions you ask yourself when researching travel destinations or gathering information for a more permanent move. “Will it cater to my diverse background or my special interest? Will I feel comfortable and accepted?  Is there a sense of community that will embrace me or neighborhoods where I can purchase a house and feel at home?” Below is a list of information to help you answer those questions. I (Mark Banham) fell in love with Santa Fe some years ago and I’ve been helping people make Santa Fe home ever since.

Monthly potluck event in Santa Fe for gay men.

Socializing in Gay Santa Fe

Santa Fe has a very social gay community hosting events from large to small. Whether your tastes run from Trash Disco dancing, mingling with Friends of Dorothy or if you prefer to join in the gay men’s potluck you will definitely find your social niche to enjoy the Gay Life in Santa Fe.

Calling Santa Fe Home either Full time or Part time

While some members of the LGBT community are content with just visiting Santa Fe, many others are choosing to call Santa Fe home, either full time or part time.  We have seen gays making a permanent move to the City Different in all neighborhoods ranging from Aldea, Dos Griegos and everywhere in between.  Others are choosing to purchase condos, a place to stay while visiting Santa Fe. And still others are buying retirement homes now and using them as vacation homes until they are ready to retire. Click here to search for your Santa Fe dream home!

Santa Fe NM accommodations

Gay Life in Santa Fe

Your single source for enjoying Gay Santa Fe is right here at your fingertips. Do you like to ski or hike? Dine and drink wine? Visit art galleries or listen to live music? Or just watch the sunsets? Whatever your interest you will find your niche in Gay Santa Fe.

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