Santa Fe Dreamin’ ……… On a Fall Day

Santa Fe Dreamin’ ……… On a Fall Day

Indian lore is lovely, mystical and often proves to be true. One bit of lore in the GLBT community has it that if you visit Santa Fe, then go home and dream about it, you will return and stay forever. It happens. In fact, it happens a lot. Countless Gay Texans, New Yorkers, Californians, etc., will say this is exactly what they experienced. One Houstonian said, she drove in through the Plaza, down San Francisco, turned on Water St. then again on Don Gaspar and was hooked. She admits she actually said aloud, “I will one day live here”. Returning home, she had the dream and five years later she bought her home and now calls herself a Santa Fean. 

In Santa Fe, the lure of Indian spirit is felt by gay couples on every street, dirt road and mountaintop. Sunsets and rainbows take on a new reverence. Clean, mountain air becomes a deal breaker. One big intake fills your lungs with a life force that can’t be compromised ever again. Once bitten by the assurance of “another day in paradise”, every day, no one can go back. Everyone wants more and more. Everyone seems to be in a constant state of awe.

Grateful residents will advise you to grab your own spot and stay forever.

For gay singles and couples, it’s strange, the hold this little place can have on you. When you first arrive, you look up approximately 75% of the time. Stumbling over moss rocks, tumble weeds and something called, Chamisa happens to everyone. You just can’t look down to see where you are going because the sky above is in flames. Purple mountain majesty is no longer just a phrase from a 5th grade song. It is real and right in front of you. Sometimes the sky is hot pink causing the views and the light to take on an almost eerie, chilling effect. It takes hold of a place inside you didn’t even know you had. And, that dream of moving here and taking possession of this grandeur slides back into your consciousness and all that’s left is to give thanks.

Mark Banham

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