The New Power Generation: Celebrating Prince

New Power Generation
New Power Generation

Prince’s band from 1990 to 2013, The New Power Generation performs a nonstop musical kaleidoscope of the most iconic chart-topping hits from every era of his career.

Just as they did when on tour with him, the show features a celebration of Prince & the NPG songs like “Cream,” “Sexy MF,” “Gett Off,” “Diamonds & Pearls,” “Gold” and “The Good Life,” intermingled with songs from throughout the legendary artist’s illustrious career like “Nothing Compares 2 U,” “1999,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Pop Life,” “The Cross,” “Purple Rain,” “U Got the Look,” and “Kiss.”

Prince was known for being a consummate live performer, and his concerts with the NPG were known for their tight arrangements as well as their stellar, funky sound and electrifying pace.

Respecting the music continues to be the driving force of the NPG, and their commitment to perform as if their famous boss was front and center is evident.

You may have seen (NPG) lead singer MacKenzie on “America’s Got Talent” and check out his audition with the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 U” below.

Thursday, September 26 at 7:30pm

CLICK HERE to Purchase Tickets

NPG is offering a 6 pm Meet & Greet for $99 through their website. This offer does not include a ticket to show.

Meet the members of the New Power Generation!  Although the guys often like to say hello to the ‘fams,’ the M&G ticket is the only way to guarantee the opportunity.  Meet the guys, take some selfies and get their autograph.  NPG will give you a commemorative card that you can have them sign.  And if they are still soundchecking when you arrive, you might be able to listen in on a little of that.