LGBTQ Night at The Playhouse – August 2019

Santa Fe Playhouse Melodrama graphic
Santa Fe Playhouse Melodrama graphic

2019 Fiesta Melodrama


The 2nd annual 99th anniversary of a mysteriously old Santa Fe tradition. If that sentence confuses you, you’re not alone! Even if we are not sure exactly how long we have been skewering local politicians and issues in the Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama, we do know how to get it done.

Written in the style of an “Old West” melodrama, this show will remind you of all the stupid things that happened in Santa Fe over the last 12 months and give you a chance to laugh your rage away.

This show is always immensely popular, so don’t forget to reserve your tickets early.

“Written by a super-secret team of uber-genius local writers.”
–Santa Fe Reporter

“Yes, it’s time for the 99th annual Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama, a pastiche of comedy, music and a little-too-real reflection on what’s happening in Santa Fe.”
-Santa Fe New Mexican

“I go every year! Except when I can’t make it.”
–Some Guy

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