Preparing the Santa Fe Garden

Spring has sprung and that means it is time to prepare the Santa Fe garden for a robust display in summer. Although temperatures are rising and there is a feeling of renewal as the season changes temperatures can still fall below 32 just before dawn. Typically potted flowers and annuals in beds need to be planted no sooner than May 15 to make sure that the tender vegetation doesn’t get nipped by the cool Santa Fe spring temps.3352f735-fbb6-4a69-b5ea-15f582cf9e9awallpaper

However, before we can reap the benefits of blooming gardens we need to prepare them for best results. The end of March and the month of April is the prime time to get things ready. In Santa Fe, this is the time to prune back perennials, start regular watering and most importantly apply fertilizer. Due to the moderate temperatures, altitude and high elevation, I prefer to fertilize with a product call Yum Yum Mix. It was created by a Santa Fe landscaper and is especially formulated for Santa Fe gardens and can be purchased at Paynes Nursery.

After you have pruned, watered and fertilized, it is a good idea to add a fresh layer of mulch to insulate the plants for optimum growing. Now, sit back and watch your garden grow!