Santa Fe Gay Pride 2010

7000 feet above sea level, I sit on my deck looking out over the dessert floor watching the Santa Fe sun set low over the mountains.  The colors appear almost magically, brilliantly before me. The bright reds and oranges have erupted filling the sky as if lava burst from a volcano. It takes my breath away. 

And as quickly as it formed in my vision, it has now transformed into yellows and reds without me seeing nature’s illusion.  Alive and breathing like living art, the sun sinks lower into the mountains as it prepares for its final act.

I take another sip of my wine and calmly wait with anticipation as the colors change into hues of pinks, purples and blues while it slips away altogether. It is at this moment I realize I have just witnessed a rainbow of colors, my second of the day and think back to the rainbow of colors from today’s Santa Fe Pride events.

As years in past and those to come, Santa Fe’s pride colors were represented all around; the parade, the floats, the gay pride train and costumes, (those intentional and those not). Dorothy and her friends undoubtedly enjoyed all the events including the music, the dancers, the food booths and street party.  And as quickly as you could say “Toto, I have a feeling we‘re not in Kansas anymore,” Santa Fe has transformed herself back in to the City Different for which she is known.