Santa Fe and Albuquerque have a large number of breweries throughout both cities. In fact, Albuquerque frequently makes the list of best American cities for beer. Santa Fe isn’t far behind with some great brewers like Santa Fe Brewing Company, Second Street and Blue Corn Brewery. October is the month when each brewery launches Oktoberfest themed or pumpkin style ales. We have thrown together a list to help you navigate the Fall beers of New Mexico.

Santa Fe Brewing Co.
The Santa Fe Brewing Co. brews a local fall favorite with their version of an Oktoberfest beer.It is your go to beer for the cool fall Santa Fe weather.

Marble Brewing Co. 
Marble just tapped their Pumpkin Ale for the season. Marble is served all over Santa Fe but the place that will have the Pumpkin Ale will be Draft Station House.

Blue Corn Brewing Co.
Blue Corn went all out this fall with a varity of Halloween themed beers for their upcoming event. The one that has us excited is the Pumpkin Porter which was brewed with over 30 pounds of locally sourced pumpkins. If you love porters head to Blue Corn.

Second Street Brewery
Food and beer go hand-in-hand so if you’re looking for great tasting Oktoberfest specials, go to Second Street Brewery for artisan Oktoberfest style sausages.

What are some of your fall favorites? Write a comment below.