The Old Pecos Trail

The Santa Fe Plaza is located at the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail and the Old Pecos Trail. While much is known about the history of the Old Santa Fe Trail, the history of the Old Pecos Trail is not as clear.

Pecos, NM is located in the midst of piñon, juniper, and pine woodlands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains 25 miles southeast of Santa Fe. It is here where the ruins of the ancient Pecos Pueblo remain to this day.

Pecos was a major trading center, a cultural melting pot and a dominating force in the Pueblo world. This trail may have been the precursor of the major trade trails used by Native American traders going to Pecos, and eventually Hispanic explorers and traders going from Santa Fe to Pecos and out onto the Plains.

Today the Old Pecos Trail is a modern road that has kept its rustic charm with Pueblo Style homes at “one” with the surrounding landscape. Sited on one acre, the residence located at 502 Corte de Pinon is an example of this style of home. Surrounded by piñon and juniper, this five-home compound is nestled in a  private gated community and is conveniently located just minutes from the Plaza.

This home’s design creates the desired feeling of harmony with ones surroundings. It is here, on the portals, where you can relax and enjoy. Should you close your eyes you just might be able to hear the wheels from the wagons of the past, loaded with hides, pottery and turquoise rolling down the Old Pecos Trail bringing wares into the Santa Fe Plaza for trade.

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