Gay Pride in Santa Fe

Gay Pride in Santa Fe is a highly celebrated event. In fact, it is spread over ten days with lots of fun usually beginning with the third weekend of June and ending on the  fourth weekend. There are events for all tastes. One of my most favorite Pride events is the Pride train to Lamy. It starts at the Santa Fe historic depot where you board an old freight train that is adorned in rainbow flags.

Once on board you can choose to ride in the vintage dome car, traditional passenger cars each equipped with a cash bar to purchase cocktails. For the more adventurous, you can stand outside on the cattle car as the train winds its way through Santa Fe before embracing the scenic countryside.

After swaying back and forth for just over an hour we debark in the little village of Lamy for an outdoor catered BBQ around a mini bonfire.  While dining on picnic tables, we enjoy listening to music from a live band before we board for our trip back to Santa Fe.

As we watch the sun set and the sky darken from the cattle car,  we wind our way through the countryside for our return trip. It is now you will notice that one of the cargo cars has been transformed into a dance club where disco music is blaring and you might even see a drag queen performing.

It is a great deal of fun to enjoy this gay train ride in the middle of nowhere full of Santa Fe Pride.

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