Gay Travel in Santa Fe

Our streets are narrow, our minds are not.


It doesn’t take long to feel at home in the City Different. For centuries, Santa Fe has opened its arms to travelers with diverse interests and different backgrounds. All in search of discovery wonder and adventure.

To visit Santa Fe is to step into an enchanting world where natural and man-made beauty converge in a symphony of visual and sensual stimulation unique to New Mexico. The city specifically caters to gay and lesbian travelers, both couples and singles, with a wide spectrum of activities and destinations.

In the early 20th century, Santa Fe began growing as an artist’s haven, welcoming a diverse group of writers, painters, socialites, and photographers eager for new subject matter and a different life. That same open-armed spirit remains today and Santa Fe trails only San Francisco among U.S. metro areas in percentage of households headed by same-sex partners.

The city is home to Rainbow Vision, the first retirement community of its kind in the country for straight and GLBTQ residents and a model for future properties. Opened in 2005, Rainbow Vision has taken an active role in city events while attracting tenants and the public alike to its popular Silver Starlight Cabaret.

A destination for gay and lesbian couples and singles, Santa Fe is home to many gay-popular and gay-owned shops, restaurants, and bars located throughout town.  The Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance keeps a busy schedule of GLBTQ events year ’round.

From Anasazi ruins to a Japanese mountain spa, world renowned restaurants and legendary hotels and resorts, Santa Fe is sure to delight anyone. Catering to the finest of tastes, Santa Fe is also home to some of the most exquisite museums, galleries and performing arts venues in America. Shopping is incomparable and the fresh mountain air will soothe any soul.