Santa Fe New Mexico: Gay Life in Aldea

Santa Fe is becoming the Gay Mecca! More and more gay couples are moving to the area either to retire, to buy a second home or even a third. With prices at recent history lows, plenty of inventory and great interest rates, we have experienced a boom to our business in 2009 with gay couples purchasing real estate in Santa Fe like we have not seen in the past.  As 2010 begins we are already seeing signs the market is cycling up again.

Aldea is one of the Santa Fe neighborhoods that have experienced a boom in the last few years of home ownership by gays. The large number of LGBT homeowners who have taken advantage of this buyers market in Aldea have done so either as full time residents, or as part time residents by purchasing a second or third home with the hope of retiring in the next three, five or ten years and who did not want to miss out in this extraordinary buying opportunity.

The many same-sex couples enjoying the gay life in Santa Fe and that we have sold homes to,  have expressed to us their primary reasoning for purchasing in Aldea was the sense of community present in this neighborhood as well as pride of home ownership. Other factors in purchasing in this community that remain high on their lists was the diversity in product that Aldea had to offer such as town homes, garden homes, single family homes as well as estate homes too.

One such estate home that is currently available for purchase is the property located at 6 Calle Siete Casas in Aldea. Old World finishes and dramatic spaces grace this sophisticated and prestigious home. For the gay couple who enjoys expansive mountain views or prefers to have a private guest suite to share with others, this home has the best of everything Santa Fe has to offer. For the savvy buyer who doesn’t want to be left in the dust as the next housing upswing occurs or for more information on this property CLICK HERE.

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