Ski Santa Fe is Open!

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Few cities can match what Santa Fe offers in the winter- a beautiful downtown with galleries, art and culture nestled at the base of a mountain that’s waiting for you to ski and curve your way down. Ski Santa Fe opened Dec. 6th, officially marking it the beginning of ski season

Santa Fe is well known for its summer activities but winter may be the most beautiful time of year. The Plaza is lit with holiday lights making even the biggest grinch fall in love with the season. Kiva fireplaces at bars and restaurants are stoked to burn warmly, giving a relaxing ambiance after a long day on the mountain. Santa Fe gets the best part of winter with rarely ever getting the terribleness. We get the snow with brick temperature but hardly ever bone chilling cold, making it a great place for skiing or snowboarding.

If you’re visiting Santa Fe or just going skiing for the day, prices range depending on age from $50-$70 for a full day lift. If you plan on skiing or snowboarding as much as possible this season, season passes range from $199-$569.

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