Gay Men’s Potluck

Here’s the next Potluck:  Sunday, May 17, 2009 starting at 5 pm   Harrison Shaffer 4 Rabbit Mountain Santa Fe   Tel: 505-983-7874   Directions:   From: Downtown: St. Francis to Zia Rd, turn right onto Zia Rd and stay on it until it becomes Rodeo Rd. Take to Richards Ave (light) and turn left onto Richards Ave.  South on Richards from Rodeo Road, through the 2 roundabouts, past the Community College to the development of Windmill Ridge in Rancho Viejo (pass the sign on the right). FOLLOW Richards as it veers to the left and then to the right as it goes around a giant arroyo. Stay on Richards as it turns around almost in a complete circle. Once you have passed the second group of Townhomes, follow Richards for 1 more long block and then make a left on Mesa Pino. There is only 1 more street in the community, so if you run out of houses you have gone too far. From the Mesa Pino turn, pass the first house on it, and see my small cul-de-sac on the right (Rabbit Mountain). There is not much parking available on my street so finding a spot on Mesa Pino will probably be just fine. My home is in the back, on the right. #4.   From Cerrillos Rd: Go to Rodeo Rd and take it past the mall and Sam’s Club to Richards Ave. Turn right onto Richards Ave and follow directions above.   Remember to bring: A dish to share (and a serving utensil), and something to drink (beer, wine, water or soda only).   If you get lost call Harrison or me.   Michael (505) 463-5411